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Project Clean

Project Clean

Project Clean ( is an initiative founded by Meena Venkataramanan, a 17 year-old from Tucson, Arizona, to raise awareness of youth substance abuse and mobilize youth to take the lead in its prevention.

Project Clean hopes to do this by conducting youth-led projects that raise awareness of the issue within Arizona as well as providing resources to both youth who struggle with substance abuse (and their parents and educators) and youth who hope to alleviate it in their communities. Some examples of Project Clean’s youth-led projects include visiting local treatment centers to gain insight on prevention and treatment strategies and creating original videos that showcase real teens’ experiences and advice with respect to substance abuse and its prevention.

Meena was inspired to start Project Clean through her experiences as an Arizona Governor’s Youth Commissioner and as a volunteer at Pima County Teen Court. She is grateful to these organizations for fueling her passion about the issue, and hopes to use Project Clean to drive positive change in both her Tucson community as well as in Arizona at large.

Project Clean is always seeking youth involvement. Visit Project Clean’s website,, for ideas on how to get involved in your community to alleviate youth substance abuse. Follow Project Clean on Twitter: @projectcleanaz, and like Project Clean on Facebook: