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The Governor's Youth Commission engages youth throughout Arizona to help solve the greatest challenges facing teens. 

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Substance Abuse Prevention Committee

Respect yourself!  Be drug free.  

Did you know that 90% of Americans with a substance abuse problem start smoking, drinking or using drugs before age 18? The GYC’s Substance Abuse Committee is dedicated to spreading awareness on the issues surrounding drugs and alcohol in hopes of preventing their peers from using substances that can bring detrimental harm.

During National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in October, members of our committee host Red Ribbon Week events in their communities to promote a drug-free Arizona among their peers. They conduct social media campaigns using #RedRibbonWeekGYC, #ChooseNotToUse, and #IveGotSomethingBetter on Twitter and Facebook, encouraging their peers to retweet. During National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week in January, members of the committee utilize resources from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and host events in their communities to work towards shattering the myths associated with drugs and alcohol.

Our committee is working in close partnership with Arizona State University (ASU) to develop statewide proclamations, Public Service Announcements, and online promotional tools that members of the Arizona community can use to help combat drug and alcohol abuse. The Substance Abuse Committee has initiated an opioid dropbox availability campaign in partnership with ASU to help combat the opioid epidemic in Arizona.

Through peer-to-peer education, members of the Substance Abuse Committee are working to empower Arizona youth to choose a healthy lifestyle that is drug-free. We encourage our peers to be mindful of their choices by reminding them that there are better things to do than abuse drugs and alcohol. Please join our movement at

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