Let your actions be louder than words.

The application to become a member of the 2018 – 2019 Governor’s Youth Commission is now open. We will be accepting applications now through July 31st, at 3:00 pm. Join the Governor’s Youth Commission!


The Governor's Youth Commission engages youth throughout Arizona to help solve the greatest challenges facing teens. 

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Bullying Committee

Step up Arizona and join the movement! 

"Don’t be a bystander!" That’s the message the Governor’s Youth Commission (GYC) is spreading across the state to all fifteen counties. Did you know that sixty percent of the time, bullying stops in less than ten seconds when someone intervenes? The goal of the GYC is to work together with other high school students to bring awareness of the impact of bullying and to ultimately stop it. During National Bullying Prevention Month in October, the GYC unite youth across the state with a twitter campaign using hashtags #bullyfreeAZ and #stepupAZ. The youth take an active role and encourage others to say something if they see someone being bullied. Their message to other students is to be a leader in your school and make kindness go viral. Make a video of someone doing acts of kindness send it to us and we’ll share it on our website: Create positive messages on post-its and hand them out at school. These are all ways that students can work together all year around to stop bullying on youth of all ages.

Take action and don’t let anyone in your school be in isolation.

Please follow the GYC twitter account @azgyc.