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Arizona's Total Service
1,610 hours

Leading the Pack:

Maricopa - 1,224 hours, 198 youth

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  • 1
    Maricopa 1,224 hours 198 youth  
  • Service Groups & Projects

    • Corona del Sol NHS
    • Goodyear Youth Commission
      Trick-Or-Treat So Kids Can Eat
    • Junior States of America
      Midterms Matter
    • MORIAH
      Special Ed Mentoring
    • N/A
      Voter Registration
  • 2
    Graham 10 hours 5 youth  
  • Service Groups & Projects

    • Graham County Youth Advocates
      Substance Awareness
  • 3
    Gila 267 hours 70 youth  
  • Service Groups & Projects

    • Governor's Youth Commission
      Wings Of Hope Scholarship Fundraiser-GHS Bullying and Suicide Prevention.
    • Governor's Youth Commission/GHS Bullying and Suicide Prevention
      Globe High School Veterans Breakfast
    • GYC Commissioner
      GHS Bullying and Suicide Prevention Club-September
  • 4
    Yuma 18 hours 2 youth  
  • Service Groups & Projects

    • Ridding Yuma Youth Of Tobacco
      Counter Strike undercover inspections (FDA)
  • 5
    Pinal 91 hours 55 youth  
  • Service Groups & Projects

    • National Honors Society
      Feed My Starving Children
    • Villa Oasis High School
      6th Annual PBL: The Affects of Homelessness

*Counties are ranked according to per capita youth service hours.


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